02 Jan / 17 - Published In: Latest Release Information

I just received the Oukitel U20 Plus which has a dual camera as the main selling point. However, it uses a 13MP main camera and a 0.3MP secondary camera, which I’...

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12 Dec / 16 - Published In: Benefits from Shoptadka

Become a high-earning affiliate with the Shoptadka Wholesale Affiliates Program!

Shoptadka’s  Sign up now to start earning commi...

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09 Nov / 16 - Published In: Latest Mobile Release

Not convinced, well here are a few reasons that we believe buying a Chinese Android Smartphone is a smarter way to spend your money and you’d be a fool to just ignore them.<...

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04 Nov / 16 - Published In: Latest Mobile Release

The Xiaomi Mi 5c launch may be scheduled for next Tuesday, December 6. That’s the scuttlebutt from China where the unveiling of the lower-cost model will take place.


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